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If there is a way to do something better, find it!

(Thomas Alva Edison - American inventor (1847 - 1931)

We only build REAL barefoot shoes ... No other barefoot protection can do what they can: they are all about reconnecting with nature, moving naturally without compromises and harnessing ancestral skills. Specially designed for natural movement and an enriched sensory experience across all terrains. Using a flexible, unique sole and spacious toe box, our shoes protect and let your feet move naturally, from season to season.


Squashed and cushioned we are unable to truly feel the world around us. Get an overview of models, features, applications and why they are so valuable to our customers. Subsequently click here and find / configure your Paleos® #ChainmailShoes.

The Paleos®! Unlike everything you know!

The Paleos® are shaped only by your feet!

High-quality, environmentally-open, immediately, anatomically correct, flexible, robust, durable, easy to clean and thus the most consistent and unique foot protection for nature, the water and residential areas you can own. Optimized for precisely those activities and conditions that would be too dangerous with conventional shoes or would - at best - ruin them.

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On search for the next level?

Regardless if it's URBAN, ULTRA or CLASSIC ... are unlike everything you know! You feel the ground clearly - but only touch it when it gets softer. You feel the heat outside - but you do not sweat. You perceive the low temperatures outside - but your feet do not get cold. You notice wetness - but your feet remain dry. You know about possible dangers lurking on the ground - but it's not of interest at all. You take them through every dirt and puddle - but after a wash cycle they are like new again. You wear shoes - but they do not restrict your movements!

The Paleos®! Unlike everything you know!

On quest for barefoot shoes for all seasons - also for less summery conditions? URBANs have all that is needed to take you through chilly times! Keeping your feet warm and well ventilated without seperating you from your prefered environment! By means of our insoles all open structures can even be completely covered! This way they can either be a largely open barefoot shoe or a "normal" closed minimal shoe. Time to order a model of series Paleos®URBAN!

Then give up lazy compromises

You don't know barefoot shoes if you don't know Paleos®ULTRA! You feel the ground texture as if you walk barefoot. You even feel the temperatures when walking from the shadows into the sun. You perceive the smallest air draft. You enjoy wading in swamps mud and murky waters -  even you know there can be lurking hazards you simply don't care! You get wet feet but two steps ahead they are dry again. You take them through every dirt - but after a quick rinse or a wash cycle they are like new again. Actualy you don't wear shoes - thus, your movements can't be hindered in any way!

Do not compromise! Be like Paleos®ULTRA!

Perceive ... and rely on perfect protection

Don't get fooled by their appearance, once you wear them you hardly notice wearing them and they have proven to be a very interesting "shoe" to use outdoors. Whether it's the way into the sea and back, a walk over the fieldsuse them on a wildlife trip (they are very quiet), or direct groundfeedback and authentic barefoot feel, they give you this ability, to sense with your feet and perform in any terrain.

Paleos® Feel your world at every step!

Only the Paleos® combine these qualities!

Compared to traditional trainers that get dirty, loose shape and encapsulate your feet from what's real fun and what they need, the Paleos® are, well, incomparable (safe)!

Paleos®CLASSIC (CLIFF) for the tough guys among our fans!

No matter where you are in your element,

They can be applied for everything, everywhere! Water, Mud, Soils... extremely sturdy and easy to clean! Choose from our range...  PUR or PAWS (fitted with the MULTI-PAWS) up to the BLACK and WHITE (assembled with an outer sole, what makes them suitable for also urban environments) for any terrain, for boards and boats and of course for every body of water.

Paleos®Chainmail Shoes - The Combination of Fun and Safety!

no matter what you do there,

You are an enhusiast of water sports? Well, then maximize the fun and minimize your risk of getting injured  by our slim and grippy Paleos®NAUTIS (SHEPPARD)… for maximum protection against injuries and cuts on your way into the sea or or at the (unplanned) jump off your board or boat into churned-up water!

they make sure you are perfectly safe,

Paleos®NAUTIS SHEPPARD (Which surf shoe could be safer?)

whilst allowing the purest perception!

Paleos®CLASSIC, ULTRA's and NAUTIS are just perfect for enjoying the elements relaxed and unfiltered. Especially CLASSIC CAYMARO BLACK knows no limits - not on land, not in any body of water!

Paleos®CLASSIC - If you really want to be safe - ALLWAYS and EVERYWHERE!

Paleos® are unique - wear them with pride!

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